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From Bestsellers to Local Books . . . Once Upon A Bookseller has everything you need to read!

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Owner inside Once Upon a Booskeller
Once Upon A Bookseller is a unique bookstore that is sure to delight and entertain you, whether you crave the newest bestselling novel or the most detailed historical memoir. We are located in the beautiful historic district of St. Marys, GA - just a short drive from Jacksonville, FL or Georgia's Golden Isles. So come on by for a cup of coffee and browse through our extensive selection of books, gifts and nautical charts. We invite you to read, relax & enjoy!
Legends & Lore

Believed to be the second oldest town in the United States, St. Marys is home to centuries worth of fascinating history. We offer books to guide you through Coastal Georgia and the Golden Isles from St. Marys to Savannah. Explore the great outdoors or the smallest of haunts.  

Friends & Neighbors
You may be surprised to learn that St. Marys has a wealth of literary talent. Once Upon A Bookseller is proud to feature works of fiction and non-fiction by a variety of local residents. From humorous essays to gripping mystery, these books are guaranteed to entertain you. Read more...

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